Salisbury Arts Centre

Salisbury, Bedwin Street, SP1 3UT

27th January 2023 at 20:30

27 Fri

Advanced tickets:


Excellent line-up in prospect as we kickstart 2023 in the always delightful surrounds of the arts centre in the desanctified church, in the centre of Salisbury. As ever, a top Barnstormers Comedy MC will be on hand to introduce three more top acts from the London Comedy Circuit and beyond. Tonight, they are: fabulously upbeat Geordie Raul Kohli, 'A powerful, passionate, open-minded, intelligent voice. It is superb political comedy and commentary' - The Scotsman; no-nonsense Black Country lad Sean Percival, '…the big gold star of the show must be the long-haired man from Dudley. He came. He spoke. He had us curled up begging for more.' - Evening Mail TV; and wonderfully unenthusiastic and grumpy observationalist Liam Pickford, 'He’s got funny bones, and a scattergun mind that doesn’t quite work like anybody else’s' - Chortle.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep this website up to date, shows can change without notice because of other commitments of artists such as television or stage work.