Winchester Discovery Centre

Hampshire, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8SB

16th February 2018 at 20:00

16 Fri

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Excellent show in prospect at the show in the library in the heart of the county town of Hampshire. As ever, a lovely Barnstormers MC will be on hand to introduce three more fantastic acts from the London Comedy Circuit and beyond. Tonight, they are: inventor of unique one-liners Mark Simmons, 'Simmons raised the bar with an extensive collection of oblique one-liners' - Chortle; delightful song-and-gag man Micky P Kerr, 'Whether it be lyrically, or with a tongue wedged into his cheek, Kerr comments on life in an almost messiah-like fashion' Ed Fest Mag; and wonderfully acerbic grouch Pierre Hollins, 'An unsung hero of new comedy. Don’t miss this true professional at work. Bloody funny' - Time Out.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep this website up to date, shows can change without notice because of other commitments of artists such as television or stage work.